I’m Farhan Fyzee. I’m 22 years old Indian Muslim living in Hong Kong. I moved to Hong Kong from Madras, India when I was 11 in 2002 and since then moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka when I was 14. In 2007 I came back to Hong Kong while the 26 year civil war was still going on there. I used to be a quiet kid back then ( not so much today). I enjoy reading and watching lectures (still a Geek)..all things intellectual.

After coming back to Hong Kong I finished off my schooling and got my BBA in Information Systems at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in December 2013. Fortunate for me I finished a semester early and now I’m pursuing my diploma in Colored Stones at the Gemological Institute of America in Bangkok.

I’m a deeply religious person still trying to understand my religion, Islam. I do consider myself Muslim before anything else and so i’m not patriotic to any of the other mentioned countries! My interests lie mostly in Self improvement, language learning, reading, writing, and sometimes volunteering too.

I’m here to share my world views and muses on various topics and occasional updates on the languages I’m learning.

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If anything email me at farhanfyzee@gmail.com